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Home » International Fishing and Outdoor Maps & Locations » Burkina Faso » Water Locations » Lake
Burkina Faso Fishing & Outdoor Lake Maps
Burkina Faso is home to a total of 31 Lake(s), listed below. If you are interested in visiting one of these Lake(s) in Burkina Faso always contact the local Office of Natural Resources to gather all the regulations for fishing and outdoor adventures in the area. You may also click on any of the Burkina Faso listings below to view more free information on each destination including comments and tips left by fellow fishermen and fisherwomen. In the past, finding the best fishing and outdoor adventure maps in Burkina Faso has always been a challenge, but not anymore with, the most complete and comprehensive fishing and outdoor maps website available for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Beli Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
Boukou Fishing Map (Burkina Faso Area)
Darkoy Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
Darkoy Mare Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
Darkoye Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
Higa Fishing Map (Yagha Area)
I-n-Tangoum Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
In Tahgoum Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
Kissi Mare Fishing Map (Burkina Faso Area)
Lac de Bam Fishing Map (Burkina Faso Area)
Lac de Bama Fishing Map (Burkina Faso Area)
Lac de Dem Fishing Map (Burkina Faso Area)
Lac de Sian Fishing Map (Burkina Faso Area)
Lac de Tingrela Fishing Map (Burkina Faso Area)
Mare aux Caimans Fishing Map (Sourou Area)
Mare aux Hippopotames Fishing Map (Burkina Faso Area)
Mare d' Oursi Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
Mare de Dori Fishing Map (Burkina Faso Area)
Mare de Tin Akof Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
Oursg Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
Rafnaman Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
Ras Haman Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
Ras Hamman Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
Ras Hamnian Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
Sorhobou Fishing Map (Tapoa Area)
Ti-n-Akof Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
Ti-n-Hrassan Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
Ti-n-Kacham Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
Tin Akof Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
Tin Hrassan Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
Tin Kacham Fishing Map (Oudalan Area)
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