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Home » International Fishing and Outdoor Maps & Locations » Uzbekistan » Water Locations » Canal
Uzbekistan Fishing & Outdoor Canal Maps
Uzbekistan is home to a total of 41 Canal(s), listed below. If you are interested in visiting one of these Canal(s) in Uzbekistan always contact the local Office of Natural Resources to gather all the regulations for fishing and outdoor adventures in the area. You may also click on any of the Uzbekistan listings below to view more free information on each destination including comments and tips left by fellow fishermen and fisherwomen. In the past, finding the best fishing and outdoor adventure maps in Uzbekistan has always been a challenge, but not anymore with, the most complete and comprehensive fishing and outdoor maps website available for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Amu-Bukharskiy Kanal Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Amu-Bukharskiy Kanal Imeni Dvadtsat' Tretego Syezda KPSS 1999-10-12 2 -2579803 516601 38.656111 65.699722 383922 654159 41SQC3492082075 NJ41-08 P PPL UZ 08 N YANGINISHON Yangi-Nishon Yangi-Nishon 2001-02-19 2 -2576110 -3545157 40.15 64.616667 400900 643700 41TPE3769945659 NK41-12 P PPL UZ 00 V DENAU Denau Denau 1994-03-11 2 -2575416 -3544170 39.95 66.533333 395700 663200 42STK8928125121 NJ42-01 P PPL UZ 00 V BADAM Badam Badam 1994-03-11 2 -2575253 -3543970 38.894722 6 Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Aryk Burdzhar Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Aryk Salar Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Bol'shoy Andizhanskiy Kanal Fishing Map (Andijon Area)
Bol'shoy Ferganskiy Kanal Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Bol'shoy Ferganskiy Kanal Imeni Stalina Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Bol'shoy Ferganskiy Kanal Imeni U. Yusupova Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Bol'shoy Namanganskiy Kanal Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Bozsu Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Burijar Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Burjar Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Dal'verz Kanal Fishing Map (Toshkent Area)
Dal'verzinskiy Kanal Fishing Map (Toshkent Area)
Glavnyy Turkmenskiy Kanal Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Golodnostepskiy Kanal Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Janubiy Farghona Kanali Fishing Map (Farg Ona Area)
Kanal Bozsu Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Kanal Dal'verzin Fishing Map (Toshkent Area)
Kanal Dasht Fishing Map (Qashqadaryo Area)
Kanal Eskiangar Imeni Leninskogo Komsomola Uzbekistana Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Kanal Imeni Kirova Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Kanal Imeni Stalina Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Kanal Kuanyshdzharma Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Kanal Yeskiangar Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Katta Andijon Kanali Fishing Map (Andijon Area)
Kirow Nomli Kanali Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Kuvanyshzharma Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Markaziy Mirzachul Kollektori Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Protok Kuvan-Dzharma Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Salor Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Severnyy Golodnestepskiy Kanal Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Severnyy Golodnostepskiy Magistral'nyy Kanal Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Severo-Ferganskiy Kanal Fishing Map (Namangan Area)
Toshkent Kanali Fishing Map (Toshkent Area)
Tsentral'nyy Kollektor Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Tushtuk Fergana Kanaly Fishing Map (Farg Ona Area)
Usupov Atyndagy Chong Fergana Kanaly Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Yusupow Nomidagi Katta Farghona Kanali Fishing Map (Uzbekistan Area)
Yuzhnoferganskiy Kanal Fishing Map (Farg Ona Area)
Yuzhnyy Ferganskiy Kanal Fishing Map (Farg Ona Area)
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