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Home » Topo Fishing and Outdoor Maps & Locations Directory » Alabama » Streams » DeKalb
DeKalb County, Alabama Fishing Streams
DeKalb County, in the State of Alabama has a total of 155 Stream(s), listed below. If you are interested in visiting one of these Streams in DeKalb County always contact the local Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to gather all the regulations for fishing in the area. You may also click on any of the Streams listed below to view more free information on each destination including comments left by fellow fishermen and fisherwomen. also provides fishing contests, fishing buddy groups, fishing destinations and the ability to track your fish or catches to the exact GPS location.

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Adams Branch Map (Fyffe Area)
Allen Branch Map (Dugout Valley Area)
Allen Branch Map (Rodentown Area)
Allison Creek Map (Trenton Area)
Anna Branch Map (Valley Head Area)
Armstrong Branch Map (Valley Head Area)
Ashberry Branch Map (Dugout Valley Area)
Austin Creek Map (Trenton Area)
Baker Branch Map (Painter Area)
Bear Creek Map (Little River Area)
Beeson Branch Map (Fort Payne Area)
Bengis Creek Map (Sylvania Area)
Bethel Branch Map (Dugout Valley Area)
Biddle Spring Branch Map (Dugout Valley Area)
Big Branch Map (Painter Area)
Big Branch Map (Fyffe Area)
Big Branch Map (Chavies Area)
Big Branch Map (Fyffe Area)
Big Branch Map (Sylvania Area)
Bing Branch Map (Sylvania Area)
Black Oak Branch Map (Grove Oak Area)
Black Oak Creek Map (Grove Oak Area)
Blalock Branch Map (Valley Head Area)
Boydston Creek Map (Ider Area)
Bray Creek Map (Painter Area)
Brooks Branch Map (Fort Payne Area)
Broomstraw Branch Map (Painter Area)
Browder Spring Branch Map (Sylvania Area)
Brown Branch Map (Chavies Area)
Brush Creek Map (Valley Head Area)
Bullard Branch Map (Trenton Area)
Bynum Mill Branch Map (Chavies Area)
Camprock Creek Map (Little River Area)
Caney Creek Map (Chavies Area)
Cannon Branch Map (Valley Head Area)
Cart Branch Map (Grove Oak Area)
Carter Branch Map (Painter Area)
Charlie Creek Map (Ider Area)
Chastain Creek Map (Painter Area)
Clark Branch Map (Sylvania Area)
Coal Creek Map (Rodentown Area)
Crawfish Creek Map (Trenton Area)
Crawfish Creek Map (Trenton Area)
Crooked Branch Map (Trenton Area)
Cross Creek Map (Rodentown Area)
Crow Creek Map (Ider Area)
Dark Hollow Branch Map (Keener Area)
Day Branch Map (Dugout Valley Area)
Dry Creek Map (Portersville Area)
Dry Creek Map (Sulphur Springs Area)
East Fork Lookout Creek Map (Sulphur Springs Area)
East Fork West Fork Little River Map (Sulphur Springs Area)
Evans Spring Branch Map (Ider Area)
Fall Branch Map (Painter Area)
Fall Creek Map (Flat Rock Area)
Falls Branch Map (Fort Payne Area)
Fuller Creek Map (Ider Area)
Gilbert Branch Map (Valley Head Area)
Glade Branch Map (Grove Oak Area)
Glade Branch Map (Fyffe Area)
Glade Branch Map (Dugout Valley Area)
Graham Branch Map (Grove Oak Area)
Graveyard Branch Map (Fyffe Area)
Hall Branch Map (Grove Oak Area)
Hammondville Branch Map (Dugout Valley Area)
Harris Creek Map (Ider Area)
Hicks Creek Map (Fort Payne Area)
Higdon Creek Map (Flat Rock Area)
Highfield Branch Map (Ider Area)
Horsehead Creek Map (Henagar Area)
Horton Branch Map (Portersville Area)
Hurricane Creek Map (Jamestown Area)
Indian Creek Map (Portersville Area)
Ivy Creek Map (Chavies Area)
Jacks Creek Map (Chavies Area)
Johnson Branch Map (Dugout Valley Area)
Jones Branch Map (Ider Area)
Jones Branch Map (Leesburg Area)
Keith Branch Map (Dugout Valley Area)
Koger Creek Map (Ider Area)
Laurel Creek Map (Valley Head Area)
Laurel Creek Map (Crossville Area)
Leather Hole Branch Map (Grove Oak Area)
Lewis Branch Map (Grove Oak Area)
Little Sand Valley Creek Map (Crossville Area)
Little Sauty Creek Map (Grove Oak Area)
Little Scarham Creek Map (Painter Area)
Little Whippoorwill Creek Map (Painter Area)
Little Wills Creek Map (Crossville Area)
Little Wills Valley Branch Map (Chavies Area)
Lybrand Branch Map (Crossville Area)
Macedonia Branch Map (Painter Area)
Mahan Branch Map (Sylvania Area)
Marks Branch Map (Fyffe Area)
Marshall Branch Map (Fyffe Area)
Mary Branch Map (Flat Rock Area)
Middle Fork Little River Map (Valley Head Area)
Mooney Branch Map (Crossville Area)
Moore Branch Map (Ider Area)
Morgan Creek Map (Chavies Area)
Mush Creek Map (Portersville Area)
New Hope Creek Map (Ider Area)
Nobe Branch Map (Keener Area)
Oak Hill Branch Map (Painter Area)
Painter Branch Map (Rodentown Area)
Parrish Branch Map (Portersville Area)
Phillips Branch Map (Dutton Area)
Pine Branch Map (Grove Oak Area)
Piney Creek Map (Fyffe Area)
Pole Creek Map (Ider Area)
Presswood Branch Map (Ider Area)
Red River Branch Map (Sulphur Springs Area)
Reedy Creek Map (Fyffe Area)
Reedy Creek Map (Fyffe Area)
Rock Creek Map (Fyffe Area)
Rockbridge Branch Map (Flat Rock Area)
Rockhouse Branch Map (Fyffe Area)
Rocky Ford Branch Map (Trenton Area)
Roden Branch Map (Fyffe Area)
Sally Branch Map (Trenton Area)
Seymour Branch Map (Valley Head Area)
Shady Grove Branch Map (Portersville Area)
Shankle Branch Map (Chavies Area)
Sharp Branch Map (Valley Head Area)
Shiloh Creek Map (Trenton Area)
Shrader Branch Map (Valley Head Area)
Shumaker Branch Map (Ider Area)
Smith Branch Map (Dugout Valley Area)
Snake Creek Map (Dugout Valley Area)
South Fork Blackoak Creek Map (Fyffe Area)
South Fork Scarham Creek Map (Crossville Area)
Sparks Branch Map (Chavies Area)
Spring Hill Creek Map (Henagar Area)
Stapp Creek Map (Portersville Area)
Steele Creek Map (Flat Rock Area)
Stillhouse Branch Map (Valley Head Area)
Straight Creek Map (Fort Payne Area)
Straight Creek Map (Jamestown Area)
Straight Creek Map (Dutton Area)
Swan Branch Map (Painter Area)
Thomas Branch Map (Dugout Valley Area)
Thompson Branch Map (Fyffe Area)
Traylor Branch Map (Fyffe Area)
Upton Branch Map (Grove Oak Area)
Walker Branch Map (Dugout Valley Area)
Wallace Branch Map (Crossville Area)
Wallace Branch Map (Painter Area)
West Fork Bengis Creek Map (Dugout Valley Area)
West Fork Little River Map (Jamestown Area)
West Fork Lookout Creek Map (Sulphur Springs Area)
White Hall Branch Map (Dugout Valley Area)
Williams Spring Branch Map (Trenton Area)
Wolf Branch Map (Sylvania Area)
Wooten Branch Map (Chavies Area)
Yellow Creek Map (Fort Payne Area)
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