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Home » Topo Fishing and Outdoor Maps & Locations Directory » Alaska » Locales » North Slope
North Slope County, Alaska Fishing Locales
North Slope County, in the State of Alaska has a total of 103 Locale(s), listed below. If you are interested in visiting one of these Locales in North Slope County always contact the local Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to gather all the regulations for fishing in the area. You may also click on any of the Locales listed below to view more free information on each destination including comments left by fellow fishermen and fisherwomen. also provides fishing contests, fishing buddy groups, fishing destinations and the ability to track your fish or catches to the exact GPS location.

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Akalurak Map (Point Hope B-3 Area)
Akeonik Map (Wainwright B-5 Area)
Akilloaq Map (Barrow A-5 Area)
Akvat Map (Wainwright C-2 Area)
Alaktak Map (Teshekpuk D-4 Area)
Alolukrok Map (Point Hope A-1 Area)
Amungna Map (Barrow B-4 Area)
Anakruak Map (Teshekpuk D-2 Area)
Anaktuk Map (Wainwright A-2 Area)
Angun Map (Demarcation Point D-3 Area)
Atanik (historical) Map (Wainwright D-1 Area)
Atkasuk Map (Meade River B-3 Area)
Beechey Point Map (Beechey Point B-4 Area)
Birnirk Map (Barrow B-4 Area)
Boat Extreme Map (Barrow A-1 Area)
Brady Map (Howard Pass D-5 Area)
Bullen Map (Flaxman Island A-5 Area)
Burgess Camp Map (Beechey Point A-3 Area)
Campsite 18 Map (Utukok River C-3 Area)
Deadhorse Map (Beechey Point A-3 Area)
Dowell Camp Map (Beechey Point B-3 Area)
Elupak Map (Barter Island A-5 Area)
Esook Trading Post Map (Harrison Bay D-5 Area)
Frontier Camp Map (Beechey Point B-3 Area)
G William Holmes Research Station Map (Mount Michelson B-2 Area)
Galbraith Lake Camp Map (Philip Smith Mountains B-5 Area)
Gas Well Number 3 Map (Barrow A-4 Area)
Halliburton Camp Map (Beechey Point A-3 Area)
Happy Valley Camp Map (Sagavanirktok A-4 Area)
Humphrey Point Map (Demarcation Point D-3 Area)
Hurl State Number 1 Map (Beechey Point B-4 Area)
Igtuluwik Map (Barrow A-5 Area)
Ikiak Map (Barrow A-1 Area)
Ikpilgok Map (Wainwright C-2 Area)
Imaigenik Map (Chandler Lake B-3 Area)
Inuktak Map (Point Hope A-1 Area)
Ipiutak Map (Point Hope B-3 Area)
Ireniviq Map (Barrow A-5 Area)
Itublarak Map (Point Hope B-2 Area)
Jabbertown Map (Point Hope B-3 Area)
Jamesway Huts Map (Wainwright A-2 Area)
Jarris Map (Harrison Bay A-2 Area)
Kalchiksuk Map (Barrow A-3 Area)
Kangik (historical) Map (Wainwright A-2 Area)
Kayak (historical) Map (Point Hope B-2 Area)
Kigakrak Map (Meade River B-3 Area)
Kiku Map (Barrow B-4 Area)
Kolovik Map (Teshekpuk D-1 Area)
Kugoosuguru Map (Barrow A-5 Area)
Kuk Map (Wainwright C-2 Area)
Kukpowruk Map (Point Lay C-2 Area)
Kukpuk Map (Point Hope B-2 Area)
Kuluruak Map (Demarcation Point C-1 Area)
Kuogaguruq Map (Barrow A-5 Area)
Kup Delta Camp Map (Beechey Point B-3 Area)
Loran Radio Station Map (Barrow A-5 Area)
Maudheim Map (Wainwright C-2 Area)
Mitliktavik Map (Wainwright B-3 Area)
Naokok Map (Point Lay B-2 Area)
Naparuacheak Map (Point Lay D-2 Area)
Napawrax Map (Barrow A-5 Area)
Natirnuq Map (Barrow A-5 Area)
Natvakruak Lake Map (Chandler Lake B-3 Area)
Nelsaluk Map (Barter Island A-5 Area)
Niak Map (Point Hope D-2 Area)
Nigalik Map (Harrison Bay B-1 Area)
North Kuparuk State Map (Beechey Point B-4 Area)
Nu-dru-vuk-puk Map (Chandler Lake A-5 Area)
Nulavik Map (Barrow A-5 Area)
Nuna Map (Point Hope B-3 Area)
Nunatunga Map (Harrison Bay B-1 Area)
Nuwuak Map (Barter Island A-5 Area)
Nuwuk Map (Barrow B-4 Area)
Ogsachak Map (Point Hope B-2 Area)
Oksrukuyik Map (Philip Smith Mountains D-3 Area)
Ongovehenok Map (Barrow B-4 Area)
Pengnok Map (Barrow B-4 Area)
Perignak Map (Meade River D-5 Area)
Pingasagruk Map (Wainwright D-1 Area)
Pingoshugarun Map (Meade River D-5 Area)
Point Storkersen Camp Map (Beechey Point B-3 Area)
Prudhoe Bay Map (Beechey Point B-3 Area)
Prudhoe Dock Map (Beechey Point B-3 Area)
Puknikruk Map (Wainwright B-2 Area)
Qaaliiq Map (Barrow A-5 Area)
Reindeer Service USDI Cabins Map (Wainwright A-1 Area)
Rivers Camp Service City Map (Beechey Point B-4 Area)
Saatkunak Map (Barrow A-5 Area)
Sidaru Map (Wainwright D-2 Area)
Sinaru Map (Barrow A-5 Area)
Sinaruruk Map (Wainwright C-2 Area)
Singiluk Map (Meade River A-2 Area)
Sinyu Map (Barrow B-4 Area)
Sixtukak Map (Barrow A-5 Area)
South East Eileen State Number 1 Map (Beechey Point B-4 Area)
Tolageak Map (Wainwright A-6 Area)
Toolik Lake Camp Map (Philip Smith Mountains C-5 Area)
Tuckfield Map (Point Hope B-3 Area)
Tuluuk Map (Killik River D-5 Area)
Tutkiya Map (Harrison Bay B-2 Area)
Tutolivik Map (Wainwright C-2 Area)
Utkiavik Map (Point Hope C-3 Area)
Wagley Camp Map (Beechey Point A-3 Area)
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