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Home » Topo Fishing and Outdoor Maps & Locations Directory » Florida » Lakes » Marion
Marion County, Florida Fishing Lakes
Marion County, in the State of Florida has a total of 180 Lake(s), listed below. If you are interested in visiting one of these Lakes in Marion County always contact the local Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to gather all the regulations for fishing in the area. You may also click on any of the Lakes listed below to view more free information on each destination including comments left by fellow fishermen and fisherwomen. also provides fishing contests, fishing buddy groups, fishing destinations and the ability to track your fish or catches to the exact GPS location.

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Aiden Pond Map (Lake Mary Area)
Albritton Lake Map (Fort McCoy Area)
Baptist Lake Map (Farles Lake Area)
Bay Lake Map (Eureka Dam Area)
Bear Hammock Lake Map (Yankeetown SE Area)
Big Bass Lake Map (Emeralda Island Area)
Big Bay Lake Map (Yankeetown SE Area)
Big Prairie Map (Lake Mary Area)
Big Steep Pond Map (Lake Mary Area)
Bird Pond Map (Cotton Plant Area)
Blackwater Lake Map (Yankeetown SE Area)
Blue Lake Map (Eureka Dam Area)
Blue Sink Map (Belleview Area)
Blue Sink Map (Farles Lake Area)
Blue Sink Map (Lake Weir Area)
Bonable Lake Map (Tidewater Area)
Bowers Lake Map (Lake Weir Area)
Bream Lake Map (Yankeetown SE Area)
Bream Lake Map (Lynne Area)
Brown Pond Map (Lake Mary Area)
Buck Lake Map (Yankeetown SE Area)
Buck Lake Map (Farles Lake Area)
Buck Pond Map (Romeo Area)
Buck Pond Map (Lake Mary Area)
Bully Lake Map (Eureka Dam Area)
Caldwells Pond Map (Ocala West Area)
Camellia Lake Map (Belleview Area)
Carter Pond Map (Cotton Plant Area)
Cemetery Lake Map (Lynne Area)
Chain O Lakes Map (Farles Lake Area)
Church Lake Map (Lynne Area)
Clear Lake Map (Lake Mary Area)
Clear Lake Map (Halfmoon Lake Area)
Clearwater Lake Map (Yankeetown SE Area)
Coleman Pond Map (Cotton Plant Area)
Coon Pond Map (Yankeetown SE Area)
Crane Pond Map (Flemington Area)
Crooked Sapling Pond Map (Juniper Springs Area)
Deer Back Lake Map (Eureka Dam Area)
Deer Lake Map (Halfmoon Lake Area)
Dinners Pond Map (Lake Mary Area)
Doe Lake Map (Lake Mary Area)
Doe Pond Map (Williston Area)
Doe Pond Map (Farles Lake Area)
Dog Ear Lake Map (Yankeetown SE Area)
Dozier Lake Map (Eureka Dam Area)
Duck Pond Map (Lake Mary Area)
Duck Pond Map (Flemington Area)
Farles Lake Map (Farles Lake Area)
Fish Trap Pond Map (Lake Mary Area)
Fore Lake Map (Fort McCoy Area)
Gator Pond Map (Lake Mary Area)
Grass Lake Map (Fort McCoy Area)
Grassy Prairie Map (Lake Mary Area)
Graveyard Lake Map (Fort McCoy Area)
Greens Waterhole Map (Farles Lake Area)
Gum Pond Map (Flemington Area)
Halfmoon Lake Map (Halfmoon Lake Area)
Halford Lake Map (Lake Mary Area)
Hammock Pond Map (Lady Lake Area)
Hart Pond Map (Lake Mary Area)
Hog Pond Map (Cotton Plant Area)
Hopkins Pond Map (Fairfield Area)
Horseshoe Lake Map (Eureka Dam Area)
Indian Lake Map (Anthony Area)
Island Lake Map (Lake Mary Area)
Island Lake Map (Eureka Dam Area)
Island Ponds Map (Emeralda Island Area)
Joes Lake Map (Fort McCoy Area)
Johnson Lake Map (Williston Area)
Jude Pond Map (Cotton Plant Area)
King Lake Map (Lynne Area)
Lake Bessiola Map (Lake Mary Area)
Lake Bryant Map (Halfmoon Lake Area)
Lake Buckhorn Map (Lake Mary Area)
Lake Catherine Map (Lake Mary Area)
Lake Charles Map (Lynne Area)
Lake Deon Map (Lake Weir Area)
Lake Eaton Map (Lake Kerr Area)
Lake Fay Map (Lake Weir Area)
Lake Hospitality Map (Umatilla Area)
Lake Jumper Map (Halfmoon Lake Area)
Lake Kerr Map (Lake Kerr Area)
Lake Lillian Map (Belleview Area)
Lake Lou Map (Halfmoon Lake Area)
Lake Louise Map (Ocala West Area)
Lake Lynne Map (Fort McCoy Area)
Lake Mary Map (Lake Mary Area)
Lake Otting Map (Dunnellon SE Area)
Lake Pendarvis Map (Lake Weir Area)
Lake Sparkle Map (Belleview Area)
Lake Weir Map (Lake Weir Area)
Lead Pond Map (Dunnellon Area)
Leroy Ponds Map (Dunnellon SE Area)
Liddy Pond Map (Lake Mary Area)
Lindsey Lake Map (Yankeetown SE Area)
Little Bay Lake Map (Yankeetown SE Area)
Little Bonable Lake Map (Tidewater Area)
Little Lake Bryant Map (Lynne Area)
Little Lake Jumper Map (Halfmoon Lake Area)
Little Lake Kerr Map (Salt Springs Area)
Little Lake Weir Map (Lake Weir Area)
Little Pond Map (Cotton Plant Area)
Log Pond Map (Flemington Area)
Long Lake Map (Lake Mary Area)
Long Pond Map (Flemington Area)
Long Pond Map (Lake Mary Area)
Mallard Lake Map (Anthony Area)
Marsh Pond Map (Lake Mary Area)
McQuaig Lake Map (Fort McCoy Area)
Meadowbrook Lake Map (Anthony Area)
Mill Dam Lake Map (Halfmoon Lake Area)
Moores Pond Map (Flemington Area)
Moss Bluff Pond Map (Lake Weir Area)
Mud Lake Map (Lake Kerr Area)
Mud Pond Map (Williston Area)
Mud Prairie Lake Map (Lake Weir Area)
Nicotoon Lake Map (Umatilla Area)
North Lake Map (Halfmoon Lake Area)
North Prairie Map (Halfmoon Lake Area)
O'Nello Lake Map (Halfmoon Lake Area)
Oak Pond Map (Romeo Area)
Ocala Pond Map (Juniper Springs Area)
Oldfield Pond Map (Flemington Area)
Orange Lake Map (Dunnellon Area)
Owens Lake Map (Lynne Area)
Palm Lake Map (Ocala West Area)
Pecan Lake Map (Lake Weir Area)
Pegram Lake Map (Eureka Dam Area)
Peter Gibson Pond Map (Fairfield Area)
Pine Island Prairie Map (Romeo Area)
Plantation Pond Map (Flemington Area)
Prairie Pond Map (Lake Delancy Area)
Rayner Pond Map (Fairfield Area)
Redwater Lake Map (Lynne Area)
Ross Pond Map (Dunnellon SE Area)
Round Lake Map (Lake Weir Area)
Round Pond Map (Lake Mary Area)
Saddlebag Lake Map (Lady Lake Area)
Salt Sick Lake Map (Yankeetown SE Area)
Sanders Pond Map (Cotton Plant Area)
Schoolhouse Pond Map (Cotton Plant Area)
Scrub Pond Map (Halfmoon Lake Area)
Section Sixteen Lake Map (Dunnellon Area)
Sellers Bear Hole Map (Halfmoon Lake Area)
Set Pond Map (Lake Mary Area)
Shoesole Lake Map (Lynne Area)
Silver Lake Map (Lake Weir Area)
Silver Lake Map (Fort McCoy Area)
Simmons Pond Map (Citra Area)
Sink Hole Ponds Map (Farles Lake Area)
Smith Lake Map (Lake Weir Area)
South Moon Lake Map (Lake Mary Area)
Spring Lake Map (Belleview Area)
Squaw Pond Map (Lake Mary Area)
Starks Prairie Map (Lake Mary Area)
Stokes Lake Map (Eureka Dam Area)
String of Ponds Map (Dunnellon SE Area)
Summit Pond Map (Farles Lake Area)
Sunrise Lake Map (Lynne Area)
Swim Pond Map (Lake Mary Area)
Thompson Pond Map (Lake Mary Area)
Three Pond Map (Flemington Area)
Tiger Lake Map (Tidewater Area)
Tigerhead Lake Map (Lady Lake Area)
Tishler Pond Map (Lynne Area)
Tobacco House Pond Map (Flemington Area)
Tobe Lake Map (Halfmoon Lake Area)
Tomahawk Lake Map (Lynne Area)
Trout Lake Map (Lake Mary Area)
Turkey Lake Map (Emeralda Island Area)
Turner Lake Map (Dunnellon Area)
Twin Ponds Map (Farles Lake Area)
Volusia Bear Hole Map (Lake Mary Area)
Waldena Lake Map (Lynne Area)
Wash Pond Map (Lake Mary Area)
Wells Pond Map (Halfmoon Lake Area)
West Clearwater Lake Map (Lake Mary Area)
Yearling Pond Map (Farles Lake Area)
Zay Prairie Map (Halfmoon Lake Area)
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